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Important Changes To Our Website Development and Hosting Services

2013 End of Development Services

As of 2013 the services provided by WrightWay Design changed to that of a limited support capacity for existing customers only. This means that as per our 2012 service changes we will no longer be providing services direct to the public or new customers, however from January 2013 our availability to respond direct to support requests from our existing customers will also be extremely limited, and subject to possible delays of 24 to 48 hours.

2022 End of Hosting and Support Services

Existing customers who have their websites hosted with us, will now need to arrange for the transfer of these services to another web development or hosting service before the 30th of June 2022.

What’s changing, and when

Our hosting services, which are the legacy services provided to previous website customers to help them continue their website operation as is after our 2013 service changes, will be ceasing enitrely from 30th of June 2022.

What this means for you

The hosting services are where your website and email accounts are stored and operate from. This means that to keep your website and email services operating after June 2022, you will need to organise for them to be transferred to a new hosting service which can then take over before the end of June 2022.

How to transfer your hosting

To transfer your hosting, you have two options:

  1. Get in touch with a new website developer who you would like to work with, and arrange for them to help transfer your hosting for you. Alternatively, you might wish to comission them to create a new website which would then take over before June 2022 instead, rather than transferring the old one.
  2. Contact a hosting firm that can both host your website, but also assist in transferring it for you. Note that hosting firms generally don’t provide ongoing website development services though, they only provide the hosting services. In this case you’ll still need to find a web developer, who you can then provide accesses to your new hosting service, and they will make any ongoing website changes for you.

    If unsure about which hosting service to use, we would recommend VentraIP

How to transfer your domain name(s)

To transfer your domain name(s), go to your new hosting company or domain name registrar website, and start a domain name transfer request. During this process you will be asked to enter a domain key / password to verify domain ownership, this is included in the end of life information document you should have received via email. You will need to repeat this for all domains you own.

You may be sent an automated verification email as part of this process, so keep and eye on your inbox to make sure you reply as instructed, or otherwise your domain transfer request may be cancelled.

If unsure about which domain service to use, we would recommend VentraIP

Why are your hosting services ceasing?

In 2013 we ceased providing website development services to the public, though to help minimise the impact on our existing customers we provided the option to continue their website hosting and domain renewals through us, on the understanding we could only provide minimal support, and would be unable to undertake major updates.

Due to ongoing challenges for our family, and changing cost structures, the continuation of these services is something we are no longer able to provide and support.

What if I do nothing?

If you leave your hosting as is, then from the 30th of June 2022 your website and email services will become unavailable, and all data and email stored in your hosting account will be permanently deleted.

Our service agreement with the data centre that provides our hosting resources remains in place until the 30th of June 2022. After this time though, all resources and data space allocated to us will be terminated.

Note that this is hard date, we are unable to offer any form of grace period on this. So all hosting migrations or backups should be completed well ahead the 30th of June 2022, in order to ensure they’re completed safely.

Can I transfer my hosting but still have you maintain my site?

No. Unfortunately our availability to provide ongoing support for previously developed websites, even at the minimal level we have provided since 2013, is no longer an option for us.You will need to source a new web developer who can take over providing a timely and up to date level expertise for your ongoing website needs.

Can you recommend any website developers?

Unfortunately no. Since we ceased being actively involved in this market space from 2013, we’ve had very little contact with other developers during this time, and as such couldn’t confidently recommend any alternatives.

Website developers can differ quite broadly in the way they choose to produce and deliver their websites. So we recommend reviewing a number of potential developers to get a feel for who might work best for your needs.

Be sure to spend ample time looking through portfolios of past work, and try to get a feel for the customers they’ve worked with previously, and whether they seem to demonstrate a history of developing sites in the style and level of functionality you think you’ll require. Try to also get a gauge of the variety in their examples as well, being extra cautious of any developers with website examples that all appear to be cast from the same mould, particularly if that style of site is not what you would like to see from your own site.

If you’d prefer to have a developer look after your existing website that was previously developed by us, rather than have them create a new one. Then you’ll need to ensure that they are familiar with working in PHP, MySQL / MariaDB, JavaScript and Linux based Apache web services.Your website is not based on any off the shelf CMS products such as WordPress, so they will actually need to understand how to program in these languages.

I normally pay for my hosting annually, will I get a refund for time unused?

If you have currently paid for an annual hosting period before May 2021, and you cancel before it would normally be due for renewal, then please contact us and we will be happy arrange for a refund of the unused portion of your hosting period to your nominated bank account.

Any customers with annual hosting renewals from May 2021 onward, will no longer be billed annually in advance. These hosting invoices will instead be sent out bi-monthly, and will be based on the time acrued.

Should you wish to cancel your hosting before the 30th of June 2022, then please contact us. We will be more than happy to process this cancellation for you, and cease further hosting invoices being sent for you.

Will the invoicing for domain names be changing?

No. Renewal periods on domain names will remain the same. Any time credited to domain names travels with them when being transferred, so there’s no need to adjust their invoicing frequency as with the hosting services.

Will I lose the time remaining on my domain name when I transfer it?

No. The renewal periods for domain names travel with the domains themselves. So whatever time you have remaining until your next domain name renewal will remain the same after you transfer it.

When should I transfer my domain name?

Your domain can be transfered at any time, just keep in mind that the domain transfer process can take up to 48 hours to complete. So based on the fact your new hosting service or web developer will need access to your domain name settings to transfer your hosting, you should aim to have your domain name transfer started at least three days ahead of whenever you intended to start migrating your hosting. This will ensure the domain transfer completes in time for them to access the settings they require.

Do you receive any commission if I use your recommendations?

No. The recommendations provided for hosting and domain name services are done so purely for assistance.